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Spectrum Cement Products

Spectrum Cement Products
Item Number: Spectrum-Cement-Products

Spectrum Colored Cements are pre-mixed, high-quality cements used to lay brick, block and stone. Spectrum Colored Cements are available in both Portland and Lime, as well as Masonry cement.  This means no measuring, mixing or uneven coloration which is often the result of liquid or powdered pigments added by a mason on the jobsite. Our colored cements offer a great opportunity to add design dimension to your project. Use Spectrum Colored Cements to give the exterior of your home, office, building, church, or school that extra edge that people will notice. Why leave up to 20% of your project’s exterior a dull, colorless gray when Spectrum offers over 25 different colored cements to choose from. Whether you want to make a statement or just match a color – Spectrum has colored cements to contrast, match, or compliment any type of masonry materials, including brick, stone, marble, concrete, tile, or glass block.

In addition to our extensive standard color selections, we also offer the ability to produce custom colored cements that will match specifications or a sample.  Custom blending may make sense when it is economically feasible to do so, and if the time required does not delay work.  A sample of the hardened mortar will be produced to match the color sample provided.  Upon approval, and receipt of the order, we will proceed with the production of the cement chosen. Orders for our standard colored products are usually shipped upon receipt of the order.

Our plant is located in Texas and as a result we can offer subsequent savings in freight, and shorter delivery times to projects within the state, and surrounding states. Our blending process utilizes state of the art computerized weighing, blending and packaging systems. This, along with the manual checks that we perform, ensures quality color consistency from one lot of cement to the next. The color consistency of our product is superior when compared to a field-mixed color. The quality of our cement is attested to by our satisfied customers who have laid millions of square feet of brick, block, and stone with these products.

  • Spectrum Products Group offers various options of cement including:
  • Spectrum Gray Portland & Lime Cement – Type N
  • Spectrum Gray Portland & Lime Cement – Type S
  • Spectrum White Portland & Lime Cement – Type N
  • Spectrum White Portland & Lime Cement – Type S
  • Spectrum White Masonry Cement – Type N
  • Spectrum Colored Cements Type N or S (made with either Portland and Lime or Masonry Cement)

Please Note:

Our Portland & Lime cements conform to ASTM C-270.

We have masonry cement products that conform to ASTM C-91 as well as ASTM C-270, call for details.

Custom Blended Colored Cements are available in the following specifications: ASTM C-270 Type M, S, N or O (Portland & Lime Cements), ASTM C-91 Type M, S, N or O (Masonry Cements), ASTM C-270 Type N (Masonry cements) and ASTM C-150 Type 1 (Portland Cements).

The cement strips that we provide represent the range of standard colors available with Spectrum Custom Colored Cement. We suggest that a job site sample panel be erected, with the chosen colored cement and masonry sand to be used in the construction, for a more accurate representation of the actual mortar color laid with your chosen brick, block or stone. The final “field” joint color is dependent upon many factors, such as sand used, the amount of water used in each batch, time of joint strike, cleaning procedures and general workmanship.No warranty, representation or condition of any kind, expressed or implied applies, including warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Our company has no control over the use of our cement, other materials or general workmanship at job sites. Having no control over the use of our cement, seller will not guarantee finished work, nor shall seller be liable for consequential damages.

Call (800) 873-5794 for Pricing

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