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Cast Stone


Tex Tral

Masonry Cleaner specifically formulated to clean light colored & sensitive colored masonry surfaces.
Item Number: Tex-Tral-Masonry-Cleaner

Tex Tral Masonry Cleaner is a revolutionary cleaner designed specifically for light colored or sensitive colored masonry surfaces. It softens and removes excess mortar and dirt while effectively controlling vanadium (green) and manganese (brown) and other metallic staining on color sensitive tile and brick and architectural concrete block.

Tex Tral Masonry Cleaner is also safe for most cast stone, unpolished natural stone, tile, exposed aggregate, and many of the new masonry construction materials susceptible to metallic staining.

Tex Tral Masonry Cleaner is recommended to be used when cleaning mortar made with any Spectrum Colored Cements. For excellent results, please read and follow all mixing, application, and safety information found on the label of this product.

Tex Clean Masonry Cleaners are available in multiple sizes:

  • 1 gallon bottles
  • 5 gallon containers
  • 55 gallon drums
Call (800) 873-5794 for Pricing

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